Elf ranger Cohort of Julienne


Blonde, elfish and shooty.


Elithas is brave but cautious. She is hot-headed, for an elf, which still makes her a voice of reason among humans—however, she did not fit in well with Elvish society. She has a desire to become the stuff of legend, a great dragonslayer or hero of some renown. She has no sense of humor.
Elithas aspires to glory, but (hopefully) will someday realize that fame and fortune and everything that comes with it are not what she truly wants. She was a member of her homeland’s army, and has both friends and enemies among their ranks; some did not take kindly to her abandonment of her duty in order to go off adventuring seeking. She met Julienne at a tavern, and the two struck up a fast friendship. Elithas’s personality compliments Julienne’s—Elithas is grounded where Julienne is flighty—but occasionally the elf’s sense of commitment and the bard’s abhorrence of it are at odds.
Elithas served as Julienne’s de facto road manager, making sure that the pair have a roof over the heads and food on their table. Elithas is a devout worshipper of Corellon Larethian, and offers prayers in every town they visit. Elithas did not know that Julienne has draconic heritage.

When Julienne fell to the mind-flayer’s fireball, Elithas left the group, mourning Julienne’s death.


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