Halsaephus Thal'Seretyn

Snow Elf Samurai duskblade - Not as awesome as it sounds


Tall for an elf and tightly-muscled, Halsaephus is reminiscent of a hunting bird.

Prior to his alchemical alterations, his hair is bone white, and his eyes were also fully white.
After stumbling into the Faceless One’s experiments, his hair took on a silvery sheen, with bright blue eyes.
His skin is quite pale, giving him an altogether ghostly image.


Halsaephus was born over a century ago in the majestic city of Myth Seretyn. High in the Crystalmist peaks, the city was the crowning achievement of snow elf culture.

Halsaephus (‘Hal’ to his family) was born into the warrior caste and was selected for induction into the elite samurai guard.
However, just as his decades-long apprenticeship ended, his whole world was destroyed.

Myth Seretyn was built and serviced on the backs of indentured uldra and goblin labour. Slaves in all but name, these humanoids toiled while the snow elves engaged in their endless frivolity.
Eventually the goblins conspired with an ancient white dragon to conquer the city. The more-loyal uldra tried to warn their overlords, but the result was a cruel and brutal suppression of all non-elves in the city.

Halsaephus knew none of this as he was assigned to the personal guard of his own mother, a minor noble. He only knew what he was told; the servsnt races had betrayed them. The suppression served the opposite effect of its goal, and within months the previously divided uldra and goblins had forged an alliance. The vastly outnumbered snow elves were cast down with brutality equal to their own.

Halsaephus, his mother and her retinue were not in the city during its fall, the elf noble was engaged in a hunt as the walls were breached and their people were slaughtered. One of the few survivors who managed to escape tracked the party down and warned them to not return.

Halsaephus’s mother for all intents was now the only surviving heir to the city. She determined that her people would have to be avenged. With the scant wealth she had in her possession and the supplies her hunting party had prepared their only sustenance, the group set east towards the Duchy of Geoff to find mercenaries to hire.

This turned out to be a bad decision. Geoff was beset by an invasion of giants at this time, and most of the party was slaughtered. The remaining survivors took whatever they could carry and continued to head east. It was said that the Free City of Greyhawk was the greatest city on Oerth. If the means to avenge their people existed, surely it would be there.

Alas, misfortune continued to befall the group, and poor luck and bad directions led the remaining elves (Halsaephus, his mother and two wounded handmaidens) to the backwater mining town of Diamond Lake.

After living off of his mother’s remaining coin and jewelry in this town for over a year, young Halsaephus took on work as a footman for the local lord mayor. His service lasted but a few weeks as the arrogant young elf rubbed everyone the wrong way.

After being given his dismissal, he returned to the rundown inn his people had rented. There he found the grisly remains of his mother and her two servants. All had been robbed and great indignities done unto them.

Since they were refugees and of no fixed abode in Diamond Lake, Halsaephus had no recourse with the town watch. They just could not be bothered to investigate a random act of violence.

Halsaephus learned this day that he could trust no one and rely on no one. With his training swords, some second-hand armour, he was determined to get out his this cesspool of human depravity and avenge his people.

He found help from Mirriana Conlan, a young Watch member and holy warrior. She urged him to not make a reckless attempt at vengeance which would inevitably fail. Instead she recruited him (along with a rather eclectic band) to help her with an old issue. In turn she would aid him in his quest for justice.

After combing an ancient, eradicating an unholy trinity of cultists and discovering a foul conspiracy involving prophesied End Times, Hal was rewarded with the sight of the man he knew was behind his peoples’ murders hanging from the neck until dead.

He thought that with Smenk’s death that his last vow to Myth Seretyn was fulfilled. However he accidentally rescued an elf woman who was a survivor of Myth Seretyn and a member of the ruling class.

Bound first to Myth Seretyn, Hal left his friends behind to help his liege lady re-take the lost city, and hopefully find other survivors…

Halsaephus Thal'Seretyn

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