Julienne de Tamado

Singer with an acid tongue


Julienne is a rock star. She is naive, whimsical, abhors commitment and moves from one city to the next with ease. She is well-known in music circles but not a celebrity, though she has attracted a small but dedicated following of fans. She is optimistic about people but pessimistic about society, believing the best of individuals but that government and organizations tend toward stagnation rather than progress. She cares deeply for those she develops relationships with, including her best friend and traveling companion, Elithas.


Julienne’s visit was brief.

Hired by Halsaephus to take his place, Julienne and her ranger companion Elithas, her bardic power granted the group many enhancements.

Alas her own ehancements were not enough when a fireball from the illithid Zyrxog snuffed her brief candle in the wind.

Julienne de Tamado

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