Kavuloia "Goattracker" Nanuthethokanelonuvuthetha

Goliath Cleric of the Ram-Lord Kavaki!


Goattracker is a tall man with rocky gray-blue skin and a bald head. He wears golden scale mail, which he obtained by slaying a small Giant who had been terrorizing an equally small village. He wields a massive tree branch that was given to him by the Druid who saved his life.


Goattracker was born to small tribe of Goliath in an outlaying mountain range called Noe’ha’ule. Life was idyllic, the tribesmen knew not hunger nor decadency. Goblins were always a problem but they mostly banded together in small parties, which the Goliath men could beat back with only modest effort (goblins are easily scared). When Goattracker was 13, a Bugbear united the Goblins and began orchestrating complex raids on the tribe, complete with false retreats, distractions and multiple attack groups. Under this new Bugbear, life in Noe’ha’ule became harsh and brutal, everyday was a struggle to survive. Finally, during the wedding of Goattracker’s cousin, the Goblins brought all their numbers to bare and overwhelmed the tribe – they stole women, children, food and anything else they could get their hands on before torching the camp.

Goattracker was one of the poor children kidnapped by the Goblins. They took him back to their layer where they forced him to fight his kin in make-shift gladiatorial combat. Injuries were common but death was not. After many weeks of captivity, a Druid came to the Goblin’s cave and demanded the release of all the Goliath. When the Bugbear leader refused, the Druid called forth lightening and killed the Bugbear. Cowardice held the other goblins at bay as the Druid freed each and every slave. When all were freed, the Druid gave Goattracker a massive tree branch and made him promise to always fight the good fight and protect the innocent. The Druid never revealed her name but she would serve as an inspiration to him for the rest of his life.

Goattracker, who was always faithful to Kavaki, The Ram-Lord, prayed to his god for what to do with his life. The Ram-Lord gave the Goliath a vision that imbued the man with the skills necessary to ensure no goblin would ever harm another Goliath or destroy another tribe ever again. Goattracker became a wandering minstrel of his god and an agent of good in the world. He aided the meek and protected them against evil.

Goattracker has come to the Diamond Lake region because that is where Kavaki the Ram-Lord has lead the Goliath. In reality, he just happened to be heading in the direction of Diamond Lake, solving problems and fighting bad people along the way. Goattracker would call that Kavaki’s will, others ha

Kavuloia "Goattracker" Nanuthethokanelonuvuthetha

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