Leila Pendragon

Wizard and Binder, childhood friend to Lan and Mirriana


Leila Pendragon was a willowy young woman with wavy blonde hair and friendly blue eyes. She moves with a eager grace, almost as if she was dancing to her destination.


Leila has helped take care of the small library at the local inn ever since she could read. She has been down its three sparsely populated rows of shelves umpteen times, and has read each book at least twice. A few years back, a careless mage left a small spellbook upon his departure, and Leila pored over the tiny text until she understood enough to work some very basic spells. She’s happy with what she knows, but hungers for more knowledge.

One night, she just vanished. Was she murdered? Did she leave on her own volition? No one really knows…

Leila Pendragon

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