Merrick O' Fey

Wizard with very little sense of self-preservation


Tall and lean, Merrick has dark black hair and blue eyes. He tends to take on the aspect of whatever vestige he is binding at the moment, making his appearance often bizarre.


Merrick O’Fey is originally from Bissel, where he trained under he tutelage of his mother, a summoner of some consequence. Not only did he develop a keen magical aptitude, he also delved into the forbidden art of binding vestiges.

Bissel was beset by the Scarlet Brotherhood when he was still a child, and Merrick’s mother was among the town’s defenders. As his father and he made their escape, Merrick would not see his mother alive again.

_"Mother, I regret, left us when I was still a wee one. Said she couldn’t let family get in the way of her true goals."
As he approached adulthood, Merrick returned to Bissel in time to see his mother—now a formidable lich—destroyed by an adventuring band led by his father.

Merrick’s father slid into depression and never recovered, taking his life a year later. With this dark shadow over his birthplace, Merrick emigrated to the Free City and never looked back.

Becoming an apprentice first, then a full member in the Free City Mage Guild, Merrick’s insatiable curiosity has gotten him into more trouble than a single wizard can handle.

It was this curiosity that got him captured by a cadre of doppelgangers intent on infiltrating the Free City. A chance encounter with a group of heroes from Diamond Lake led to his release.

With new allies to keep him (mostly) out of trouble, Merrick finds his thirst for knowledge piqued by this so-called “Age of Worms” the woman Mirriana keeps going on about…

Merrick O' Fey

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