Mirriana Conlan

Warrior Priestess


Tall and graceful, Mirriana’s long dark hair, pale complexion and piercing gray eyes give here a somewhat ethereal quality.

Both sword and armour are kept in perfect condition – polished to a shine exactly as per regulation. The gryphon sigil of Mystara is emblazoned prominently in white paint on her silver shield.

Her swordsmanship is workmanlike and measured – without flourish or embellishment – just brutally efficient in the manner of a trained watchman.


Mirriana has lived in Diamond Lake all her life. Her mother died giving birth to her younger brother Michael when she was too young to remember, so she was raised by her father John, a miner in the local iron mines.

Her young life was originally bright, carefree and frivolous, with endless summers spent hiking in the hills, exploring abandoned tombs and cairns with her brother and friends, and deep winters spent sledging and building snow forts in the dig spoils. Michael was the bravest of them, the best of them, pushing the others to ever greater feats of bravery and adventure. The trip to the cairn at the old iron mine was supposed to be just another adventure. But something was different. The overgrown portal leading in appeared to radiate evil, chilling even the warm summer day around it. Mirriana and the others were spooked. She dared not enter. Not so Michael. With a laugh and a derisive comment questioning their bravery, he stepped inside and was never seen again.

As the sun began to set it became apparent that Michael wasn’t coming back. Mirriana panicked. Fleeing from the cairn and the others in search of help, the evening light was playing tricks and she lost her way. There was a short sensation of weightlessness and then the world was pain and darkness.

When she came to she found herself in the dark at the bottom of a disused quarry. Everything hurt, especially her right leg which was twisted at an unnatural angle. A few gentle tests revealed it utterly unable to bear any weight, trapping her at the bottom of the pit. It was a few hours later as she sobbed in despair that a shining angel visited her for the first time. Wiping her tears with one hand, the angel took her other and pressed it against her damaged leg. “Knowledge is Power”; it spoke as a pale blue glow engulfed her limb. Mirriana felt the power rising within her – coming from herself, not the angel; it had activated her own latent abilities for the first time. When the glow faded the pain was gone and her leg was working normally. As Mirriana sat flexing her leg in wonder, the angel spoke once more. “Tell no-one of your brothers fate, for it will only endanger them”; And then it was gone.

When Mirriana found her way back to Diamond Lake she found the others had reached a similar conclusion – for the safety of the rescuers, the trouble they’d be in for exploring the cairns, or some other reason – and they spun a story about how Michael had become separated from them in the woods. Search parties were gathered, but of course they found nothing. It is a secret Mirriana and her friends have kept all these years.

Mirriana was hit doubly hard by her brother’s loss, for it destroyed her father too. Michael was John’s favourite, and without him he slipped into the mire of depression and drink. Fired from the mine for poor attendance, Mirriana could only watch as her father self-destructed to the point where he would no longer lift a finger to save himself.

The following years were difficult, living on her own in a small apartment above a seedy dive on the Vein, scraping together a living. But whenever things were darkest the angel, whom she learned was called Mystara, would appear to her again in her dreams and offer her guidance. She emerged changed – her trials had stripped her youthful frivolity, forging her into a confident young woman with little time for the weak or lazy.

Taking a job as a member of the Diamond Lake Watch she takes her duties utterly seriously, always doing things by the book. She despises the drunks, wasters and petty criminals she has to deal with on a daily basis, seeing it as not her responsibility to save them from themselves. Those she encounters in her duties who are making an effort – who have had circumstances forced upon them or have just made a poor decision – find she holds much more compassion for their plight.

Inspired by the Angel Mystara, outside of work Mirriana absorbs herself in study – of anything and everything she can lay her hands on – and in practice – both martial and of her awakening magical potential.

Mirriana Conlan

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