Zarina "Brightblade"

Spellslinging warrior woman with a giant sword


Tall and willowy with piercing green eyes and flowing brown hair she looks more like a courting young merchant’s daughter than an adventurer. Only when she’s garbed for adventuring with chain and arm guards and a battered looking sword as long as she is tall does she look like the competent warrior mage that she is.


Zarina is a native of the Free City of Greyhawk. Born amidst the chaotic streets and busy city sh was raised by a loving mother and a brave father “Sturm” who was also a relatively renowned Paladin she was sent to the Wizard’s guild at an early age to learn the wizarding ways. Something that didn’t work with a rebellious teenager. Her parents eventually relented as she instead learned the sword at the Iron Heart dueling school with a dream to one day become a adventurer like her Father and the other people she would see that used to visit the dueling academy.

Then, when she was 18 her life change in a sudden and horrible manner. Hextorian cultists, frustrated by her Father stopping one of their plots waylaid the family as they set out to visit the town of magepoint. Although Sturm fought valiantly to save his family he was eventually overcome and Zarina watched her father being dismembered on a dirt road like a common bandit. Picking up his sword she used the training she had learned and killed the last wounded attackers but after that her happy life was over. Her mother joined the Church of Heronious as a Sister sworn to protect and heal whilst Zarina returned to the wizard Guild where she met Allustan, Eligos and Marzena amongst the Teachers, all brave mages who had known her father.

She learned the spell and still practiced the sword and when she was competent with both joined the mage Marzena and the great hairy barbarian Bruenor on some of her minor adventures. They fought trolls in the marshes, descending into the highest levels of the underdark searching for drow ruins, and tracked down and killed the Necromancer Salesh the Wicked and other such minor deeds. In recent months Bruenor left to return back to his homeland to see his father before he dies and Marzena was recalled to the Free City militia to serve for a time in Black watch keep. So recently Zarina has been helping train other youngsters and protecting caravans in the Free City area.

Zarina "Brightblade"

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